Chase Country Inn Motel offers you an enterprise-grade WiFi system with excellent coverage and stability

  • Internet is essential to our guests.  We aim at providing a secure, stable and fair sharing of internet connection for everyone of our guests.
  • Our internet service is powered by Mascon Cable.   There is a limitation of bandwidth. 
  • The quality of internet connection will be affected by a number of factors such as ISP network, equipment performance, number of users in our network, users' activities etc.   We are unable guarantee the connection to internet nor the quality of the wifi service.
  • To ensure everyone of our guests could have a fair share of the bandwidth, each user is allocated a certain bandwidth so that no one will drag down the overall performance of the entire network. 
  • General usages such as web browsing, emails, YouTube, Facebook, FaceTime, Skype should be fluent. 
  • Applications using high resources such as Netflix and online gaming may be sluggish is our network.
  • Please do not carry out illegal and dishonest activities in our network, such as pirating, property rights infringing etc.   Applications using BT are blocked.