Chase Country Inn Motel offers you an enterprise-grade WiFi system with excellent coverage and stability

  • We aim at providing a secure, stable and fair sharing of internet connection for everyone of our guests.
  • Our internet service is powered by Mascon Cable, there is a limitation of total bandwidth. 
  • The quality of internet connection will be affected by a number of factors such as how many users in the network and what are they doing. 
  • To ensure everyone of our guests could have a fair share of the bandwidth, each user is allocated a certain bandwidth so that no one will drag down the overall performance of the entire network. 
  • General usages such as web browsing, emails, YouTube, Facebook, FaceTime, Skype will be fluent. 
  • Applications using high resources such as Netflix and online gaming will feel sluggish is our network. 
  • Applications using BT are blocked. 
  • Of course, when there are a lot of people using our wifi system, there might be traffic jam too. 
  • However, no "big eater" will affect your joy of watching your Facebook or FaceTime with  your kids.