Motel Policies

Check in, Check out

  • Check-in time: 3-10pm   Check-out time:  Before 11am
  • Early check-in is subject to room availability and extra charge
  • Late check-out must be arranged and agreed with front desk in advance, and may be subject to extra charge
  • Check-out before 6pm counts as 0.5 day; after 6pm counts as 1 day


  • All pets must be registered at check-in, and subject to applicable charges.
  • We have limited and designated rooms to accommodate pets.  Guests should express the need of a “pet” room when making reservation, otherwise we may be unable to satisfy a last-minute request of pet to check in.
  • Owners must ensure  their pets are well-behaved, leashed or caged in all motel area, clean up waste matters and no disturbance to other motel guests; and be responsible for compensating damages made by pets.

Booking / Reservation

  • For booking over telephone, you may provide a valid credit card to guarantee the reservation.  In case of no credit card provided, we will reserve the room but unable to guarantee the availability at the time of check-in.
  • We reserve the right to obtain credit card pre-authorisation with no more than one night accommodation plus tax as a guarantee of reservation.

Security Deposit

  • For guests paying by cash or by debit cards, we will collect C$100 security deposit in cash at check-in.  Such deposit shall be refunded at check-out.

Smoking Policy: For tobacco, e-cigarettes and marijuana

  • Smoking is your freedom. But when you smoke, please respect other peoples’ rights and potential health hazards on highly vulnerable persons, including children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • No smoking of any form inside all guest rooms, entire upper floor deck (including stairs) and indoor areas such as office and restaurant.
  • Smoking tobacco is allowed on open area on ground floor of the motel. Keep at least two-arm length from any guest room doors. Avoid smoking in front of other guest’s rooms. Disposed of cigarette buds at designated places.
  • Smoking e-cigarettes is allowed on open area on ground floor of the motel. Keep at least 30 feet away from any guest room doors.
  • Smoking recreational marijuana is NOT allowed on the motel property.
  • Smoking medicinal marijuana is conditionally allowed ONLY with the appropriate permit presented at check in. Only allow to smoke in an open space with at least 50 feet away from any guest room’s doors or windows, or inside your own vehicle which is parked away from motel building. Moreover, upon receiving complaints from other guests, we shall request the marijuana user to use the product outside of the motel property.
  • The act of smoking, holding a lighted cigarette, or cigarette buds / ashes found inside the guest rooms are considered SMOKING.
  • SMOKING in prohibited areas is subject to $200 penalty, and/or immediate termination of accommodation service.
  • Registered guest shall be responsible for his/her room-mates’ compliance to this SMOKING POLICY.
  • This policy is issued based on the “The Use of Medicinal Marijuana and E-Cigarettes in Canadian Hotels” published by Hotel Association of Canada in April 2014.

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