Motel Policies

Check in, Check out

  • Check-in time: 3-10pm   Check-out time:  Before 11am
  • Early check-in is subject to room availability and extra charge
  • Late check-out must be arranged and agreed with front desk in advance, and may be subject to extra charge
  • Check-out before 6pm counts as 0.5 day; after 6pm counts as 1 day


  • All pets must be registered at check-in, and subject to applicable charges.
  • We have limited and designated rooms to accommodate pets.  Guests should express the need of a “pet” room when making reservation, otherwise we may be unable to satisfy a last-minute request of pet to check in.
  • Owners must ensure  their pets are well-behaved, leashed or caged in all motel area, clean up waste matters and no disturbance to other motel guests; and be responsible for compensating damages made by pets.

Booking / Reservation

  • For booking over telephone, you may provide a valid credit card to guarantee the reservation.  In case of no credit card provided, we will reserve the room but unable to guarantee the availability at the time of check-in.
  • We reserve the right to obtain credit card pre-authorisation with no more than one night accommodation plus tax as a guarantee of reservation.

No Smoking

  • All rooms are non-smoking.  Please put all cigarette butts and ash in the ash-trays or tins provided outside of the rooms.

Security Deposit

  • For guests paying by cash or by debit cards, we will collect C$100 security deposit in cash at check-in.  Such deposit shall be refunded at check-out.

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